Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Slow Start...

Nicolas woke up at 6:45am, a whopping 15 minlater than yesterday. I really need to teach this kid the value of sleeping in!!!

We went to my moms today and the kids had a fun time. They swing, play in the sand box and go down the slides!! Actually Nicolas gets to the top of the slide an dalways chickens out and climbs back down!! LoL

Mindy & I are having our class, 4& 5 year olds, get up and say their verse and sing 2 songs in front of the church tonight. I am excited, they did it last week but Rebekah wasn't there due to the flu:( SO I am looking forward to it, hopefully they all sing really loud!!

Last night was fun, Jim & I went to Sheetz and got frozen Mochas and the kids got Sprite and we drove around Akron. This might sound like a bad idea because of gas prices but the kids love rides and they are quiet so me and Jim can actually talk to each other!! Yay!!! Then my sister called when we got home and took me to Chipoltli. This is a great little Mexican restaurant. It took me WAY over my calories today but it was a nice treat.

Well, I have to go start getting dinner ready, tonight it is leftovers!! Wednesday's are usually easy because Jim just wants to eat and go!! And that's fine with me!!



I still have never eaten at Chipotle! there is one opening up at the plaze around the corner from my house so I'm hoping to go. i've heard mixed reviews on it though some say it's great and some say its the worst thing ever! lol guess i'll have to try for myself! Glad you got to have a night out to just relax! hope the kids sang loud for ya last night!

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