Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Sickness:(

Well now it's my turn. I woke 3 times in the middle of the night sick and today is proving to be know better. The kids all seem to be doing better today. No one has gotten sick again. Jim and I deep cleaned the house last night. Thank God for leather couches and pergo floors. They clean up rather well. Please keep us in your prayers. So far Jim is in the clear and hopefully it stays that way.

I am bummed out about the game but God knows what He is doing, so He probably didn't want us there. First the tickets, then the sickness LoL Ok Ok you have my attention!! LoL

Well I am hoping for a good Monday. I will update again!!



Are you feeling better? How about the kids? I hope you are all better.

Amy Fichtner

As of today it seems that everyone is feeling better. Hopfully this sickness is gone for good!!


Wow, you guys had it good! And about the game, I am sooo sorry you couldn't make it!!! It really was a blast too... and it would've been an even bigger blast with you guys!!!!! Well, I guess this sickness thingy-flingy is flying around; I had it last weekend, and Brendan has it BAD today. Poor guy. But, your all in our prayers!


Hopefully you guys are in the clear! i love the new layout and the sidebar is fantastic with the pics of you guys and the descriptions! good idea! love it!

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