Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sick House

Well I am living in a sick house:( Savannah & Rebekah started throwing up at the same time!!! This has been an awful day. Savannah was clingy all day and Rebekah was whiny and now I know why. At about 4:00pm they both started throwing up. I am kinda glad they are both getting it out of the way, instead of one today and one tomorrow bu tit makes for a rough night.

We had to forfeit the Akron Areos game tonight. I am a little sad about that. It was Rebekah & Savannah's first base ball game. I am hoping to get the opportunity to go again soon.

Well I gotta go tend to sick children.



Oh Amy... I'm so sorry you didn't get to go to the game! did you at least find the tickets???

I sure hope the kids feel better soon so you can have a break. I'll be praying for you!


I hope they are feeling better today. Is Nicolas better? Hopefully it won't last long. The season is still early so there will be time to go to another game. Praying that you and Jim don't get it!

Amy Fichtner

I did find my tickets!! I was talking to Midy on the phone and she casual said, "Yea, I saw you put the tickets in your back pocket of your WHITE skirt" Well I didn't check the white skirt because I thought I was weraing the blue one on Wednesday, so sure enough they were inthe back pocket of my white skirt!!


aww so sorry you missed the game! Hope everyone's feeling better soon!

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