Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Ring

Well my husband had gotten me a blue topaz & diamond ring for Valentines day and only having it for 2 weeks the big stone came out. I was disapointed and I took the ring back and they said the jewler would fix it.

Well the jewler could not fix it so I exchanged it!! And I could not be happier with my choice. We decided to go with an all diamond ring instead if a gem stone ring so that it would match anything!!! Heres a picture of it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Ok, so this week is to post a picture from my 3rd folder with the color brown in it. So here we go.

It was actually the second picture in the folder. It's my son on Grandma & Grandpa's Brown deck playing in the kiddie pool.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Niece's Wedding

Well my niece is getting married on July 3rd of this year and both of my girls are going to be in the wedding so I was trying to find cute, elegant dresses for a bargain. And I did:) I found a dress shop on E-Bay called MS Unlimited. The prices are crazy for the style of dresses. I got 1 for $10.99 and 1 for $12.99.

I ordered then early so that if they come in and they are ugly or poor poor quality I can send them back and find something else. Here's a couple of pictures of them.

This one was $10.99

And this one was $12.99

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hellloooo Bloggy World!!!!!!

Hello everyone, It's me!!!!!...... Oh, Cmon you remember me don't you? The overworked underpaid housewife from Akron? No really, I'm just kiddin.

But I have missed you all soo much. I am becoming a bad blogger. But thats all going to change now. I have a little post AND some pictures for you.

You see I got to go the mall today with no kids and pick out some special little items.

Ok, First one, My new FAB-U-LOUS Apostrophe Bag. It is so bright and so big, I love it!!!

2nd is my new wallet, chic and brown, goes with any of my bags:)

And 3rd, I FINALLY got some earrings!!! I wasn't even sure if my ears were still pierced so I actually went to get them pierced and the lady said, there are still holes there!! yay, because like seriously I was shaking I was so scared!!! I haven't wore earrings for years, Yay!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's March But We Are FINALLY Outside!!!!

I took A LOT of pictures today because I was soooo happy we were out side. It wasn't all that warm, like in the 40's but with coats and hats, it worked!!

Also, all of these pics are with my camera phone so not the best quality but who cares right, We were finally outside!!!!

Heres our long lost swing set, the kids love swinging high!!!

Every single time he went up he said Weeeee!! It was sooo cute

Here's Rebekah's creation

Who says you can't vacum out side?

Savannah loved throwing and chasing the ball around

Even Nicolas got in on the sidewalk chalk

Shopping carts and ride-on's

Me, Still sick as a dog but kinda enjoying the sun

Rebekah and her Barbie bike that she got for her birthday

Savannah and her Princess bike that she got for her birthday

I REALLY need to get him his own bike

HomeKeeper Give Away

My friend Bev over at Christian HomeKeeper is having a giveway with only 2 little rules to enter. Go check it out!!! Heres a sneak peak at what shes giving away,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Famous Hair

I LOVE Famous Hair!!!

I went yesterday to get my hair cut and colored again, for free!!! You see, if you sign up to be a model they will call you when they hire a new person and you can get your hair done for free and leave with some great products.

This time I got a lot of blonde put on the top and a nice rich brown on the bottom and thy cut some new layers in so you can actually see the brown. I have a picture but really it doesn't do it justice. It turned out great!!! I also left with a bottle of Root Lifter, which works miracles and Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner. Yay!!!

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