Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good Morning :)

Well here are a couple updates from my week so far:

I thought I would try to potty train Savannah.......That lasted about a day and a half. She was just not getting it. And since I have the other two kids and normal chores around the house, I decided it was to much right now. I will probably wait another 2 weeks and try it again. She really had no idea if she went potty or not:(

We had Adam & Eunice over Monday night with their children and we had a great time. They are a wonderful christian family. If you haven't gotten to know them, you should!!

Tuesday night I went up to the church to work on my new class material!! I am so excited. It is through child evangelism and it's called, Getting to Know God Through Hos Creation. This is geared toward preschoolers. They have work books you down load of the Internet, so I did that and bought some 3-ring binders to put them in. I am going to put all of their work into this book over a 6 week period and then they will get to take it home. Also at the end of our 6 week creation series we will have a creation party!!!! Any ideas would be much appreciated:)

Well that's about it for this week, oh I had a doctors appointment and I would like prayer for a decision that needs to be made. God knows this decision but if you could pray with me, I would appreciate it.



Potty training is a pain! I am so glad I don't have to do that anymore! :-)

Praying the right decision is made.

Thanks for keeping the blog. Helps me stay in touch with everyone!
Love ya!


How exciting about the new class material! Creation is a great idea to do with kids! i'm sure they'll get into it! I'll be praying that the right decision is made!

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