Saturday, July 26, 2008

Family Outing!! :)

Well, last night we had some fun together!! The kids ate at Burger King and me and Jim enjoyed Subway....No we did leave the kids at Burger King while we ate:)

We then took the kids to the park to play and they had a blast. Nicolas first loved the swings but when he finally discovered what he could do on the slides, he was hooked!! The girls spent their time climbing around and of course playing in the sand. I also had a lot of fun. I was climbing on everything, following Nicolas around. Another year or so and he will be able to do it all by himself!!

We then went to Dairy Queen for ice cream cones!! Me and the girls got chocolate and Jim & Nicolas split a slushy. We had a really fun night and only spent around $20.00. That's amazing for a family of 5!!!

Tonight we are going to Adam & Euncies house for dinner. Savannah is going to MiMi's and Nicolas is going to Nikki's, so we will only have Rebekah. Rebekah loves to play with their daughter Emily.

Well I am going to post some pics of last night:)



Oooo, how'd dinner go??? Fun??? They are all sooo sweet.

XD Sammie


I remember when JM and Seth were little we could buy a chicken nugget happy meal and split it between the two of them. That was a long time ago! Enjoy the cheap outings now because they don't last forever! Sorry to burst your bubble. ;-)

Who are Adam and Eunice? I assume new members of the church? Have a great time!

Amy Fichtner

Yes, Adam & Eunice attend our church but they are not yet members. They are alot of fun to hang around and our children get along great!!


Hope your dinner went well! Glad you guys got to get out and just hang out together!

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