Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday Bash.....Literally!!

Well we had a little get together for my birthday and Nikki's and Rob's. Angie got me a Little Mermaid Cake which was awesome!!! I was so excited, I think even more than the girls. Well today I went downstairs to find my precious son eating MY cake on the floor!! Yes, he had pulled the cake box off the counter and got himself a big chunk of it and ate it!!! Well my little angel girls at least put a big blanket down and put him on that before they came and got me. Anyway I was to shocked to even be mad. I mean he looked up at me with those big hazel eyes and just smiled...........so, so did I!!! The sad part is, is that I waited a long time for my own Little Mermaid birthday cake. Anyway here are some before and after pictures.



Well Happy Birthday anyway!!! I am so glad that you can laugh about it instead of crying!! :-)


All I can really say is... hahahahaha. Not in a bad way, but in a cute way. I mean, when my mom told me about that, I just chuckled; Nicolas is a little mastermind!

XD Sammie

Amy Fichtner

What does XD mean?


I think it's a laughing emoticon, x is squintiong eyes, D is mouth open laughing...i think anyway lol correct me if I'm wrong Sam! (it's probably way off) lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you though! I feel horrible I didn't even know!!! You could have given us a hint on here, like well, my b-days coming up..lol Hope you had a wonderful day!!! Sorry I missed you on Sunday! I was kinda hoping to do somehting anyway, after you guys are all done being sick we need to go out! That's funny about the cake though..boys will be boys although I would have probably been like Mrs. B said and cried! lol Glad you finally got your little mermaid cake though!

Amy Fichtner

Yes, give me a call so we can something XD!!!!

Amy Fichtner

Oh and my birthday is not until July 31st!! Same as your moms!!

Amy Fichtner
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Hey, the kid knows what is good! Funny how they learn so quickly. I hope you have a great birthday.


Yes. XD is just like a really really really big happy face. Sometimes I use it for giggles too. lol. TTYL. XD

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