Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Night!!!

Well my new material for the 4&5's was a hit!!! We all had a great time. They had 3 different papers to color and one of them we glued cotton balls on, which they loved that. For some reasom little kids just love glue sticks?!

Our lesson time took over a hour and that is important. We have about an hour and a half with them and I don't like just sitting there being a baby-sitter. I actually feel like we got something accomplished last night. We are learing the days of creation. Last night was 1&2. Light, darkness, water, sky. We had oreos for a snack to show the difference between light & dark.

Today I am taking the kids to my moms to play. My niece Emma is also coming over to that will be an extra treat!! I will probably write more later, I just wanted to fill you all in on last night:)



Sounds like you had fun! Great idea with the oreos! Hope you had fun the next day with the kids and Emma!

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