Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here's A Little Update

Well the kids did a great job singing Wednesday night. We had 4 of them and it was great. Rebekah sang so loud and really shouted her verse out. Her face was so red. I just loved it!!!

I ended up with a terrible headache Thursday so I did not do much. Jim bought me an iced coffee from DD and made everything better:)

Friday was Pastor Mike & Linda's wedding!! What a great day. The wedding was great and the picnic was alot of fun afterward. Unfortunately there was no volley ball net, guess nobody wanted to take me on? LoL

Jim's sister Nikki kept Nicolas overnight so we ended up taking the girls downtown to see fireworks!! It was so much fun!! We met some friends down there so we got to talk and hang out for about an hour before the fireworks. My favorite one was the smiley face:)

Today, Saturday, we are going to my family Reunion. I have alot of family in from out of town and I am excited to see everyone. Jim has to work so he can't make it but I am glad I can still take the children. Then it's off to the millers for a wild night of Disney's Scene It game!!! I am looking forward to all the fun things today. oh, I forgot, we actually got to go to breakfast yesterday at Bob Even's!! We never get to go out to breakfast because Jim works 6 days a week, so it really was a treat!!!

Well I am sure I am forgetting some details but we have had a great holiday weekend so far!!


NO TURNING BACK-the life of a very blonde Baptist

finaly i found your blog!!!!
so, now you can leave stuff on mine :)

Amy Fichtner

Yes I will!! I already read it, I am just bad for leaving comments:(

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