Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My phone Is Here!!!! :)

Well, the title says it all. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it is already here, not even 24 hours later. You Go Sprint!!!! Forget Chad LoL, for those of you who know Chad. I have to fully charge it before I can switch it over. They also sent me another memory card and a new charger and I ONLY have to send the phone and battery back. my protection plan has definitely paid off this time.

on a different note, I am going to go get 3 teeth pulled today. 2 of them are wisdom teeth:( Please Please pray for me. Bleeding would be minimal and so would the pain. They will give me pain meds but since I was on them for my surgery I don't think they will work as well. I will try to blog tomorrow to let you know how it went. Rebekah Thyr is here to help with the children and Lisa is taking me. It's at 2:20pm So PLEASE be praying!! Thanks!


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