Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Keeping It Real Tag

The deal with this tag is that you have to post photos of the following 8 "real life" primping, prepping, or picking up. Here goes...

1. Laundy~ It just finished and it's ready to come out to be folded......tomorrow:)

2. Kitchen Sink~ Wow, No dirty dishes;)

3. My Favorite Shoes~ I just got these last week. I love them because I have big feet and they are slimming.

4. Self Portrait~ Remeber I just had 3 teeth pulled and the directions say NO PRIMPING!!!

5. A Toilet~ This one is now being used by 4 people. I go through the Tp now!!!

6. A Closet~ I picked the girls because it's the cleanest one LoL

7. My Favorite Room~ The Living Room because it's so relaxing

8. My Fridge~ Just a bunch of leftovers

Now It's your turn. My last "Tag" did not go over to well so I am not going to tag anyone but if you want to do one just let me know so I can stop by and check it out.

Thanks for touring my house!!



Amy this is really neat... I am now getting a hang of this since we last messaged in Cafemom.. Remember me?? Well as soon as the batteries to the camera charge I will be posting pics of my house and get this... It's just me, hubby and 2 dogs... Sooooo you can laugh all u want!!! LOL God bless you and your family.

Dear Abbi

I *heart* leftovers!!! Loved the tour of your house! I hear you on the TP! There are five of us using TP now, and it's insane how quickly we go through it.'s the new diapers. :)

Great tour!! Thanks for playing along!


I'm extra dumb at understanding the whole tagging thing..but if you give me better directions..I'll be sure to do! so, help!

Amy Fichtner

Hi Melanie!! Yes, I remember you and I will checkout your blog!! Abbi~ Very funny....Tp, the new diaper!! LoL

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