Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Slumber Party:)

I sent my girls off to thier first slumber party!! Pizza, Birthday cake, Games and Crafts!! I hope they had a wonderful time. I just had to get a picture of them as I was heading out the door.



oh wow, how exciting!!! and kinda it means they're growing up!!! I know they'll have fun!!!


I bet they had a blast! Whose party was it?

Amy Fichtner

Sarah Knopp's birthday slumber party


Awww! How cute! I wonder if Jamie survived. LOL

Dear Abbi

Thanks for your comments!

Did you get your free cappuccino at Starbucks/B&N? I forgot to link to the coupon, but figured you saw it already...I hope so! The q is good until the 31st...I think.

Amy Fichtner

I saw the coupon but I am not even sure where a B&N is.

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