Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad News......

Well, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet Tuesday night and it is broken. I cried. I just got it like 2 months ago.

As soon as it happened we took it apart and put it under a fan for 24 hours. It does turn on and I can answer it but none of the buttons work. I can't check my calender or get any of my telephone numbers which is a bummer because ALL of my numbers are in there. I use it for this blog all of the time too. Every picture you see was taken from my cell phone.

I do have the protection plan so for $50.00 I can have it replaced. So hopefully I can get to it soon!!! Jim & I just started texting each other and it was so much fun.

So for awhile my blog may be boring but I will continue to write updates for you all to read!!

By the way, I am accepting donations toward the "Cell Phone Foundation"!!! LoL No, not really. I'm just joking!!



I guess you won't be texting on the toilet from now on. LOL!!! I hope you get it replaced soon.

Amy Fichtner

no, actually it fell right out of my pocket:(


Oh no! I loved that phone! Well, at least Mrs. Crowe still has one, lol I'm jk!!! I really am sorry about the mishap... [tear]

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