Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Well the title is a little 80's flash back for you who remember;) No I am not endorsing 80's music!!!!

Well I have noticed it to be a little S L O W in blog world but that does not deter me from spilling my guts on here whether someone is listening or not.

I went to the dentist today so he could file down a jagged tooth and he said that my blood clots are forming nice and rather fast........I guess thats a compliment. I always follow doctors orders LoL!!

We are having the Bloom family over tonight for pizza and pop and the kids are going to take advantage of this Indian Summer and ride their bikes outside tonight. I am looking forward to the fellowship.

I will say that lately to get my kids to take a nap is almost as bad as having 3 teeth pulled. After I out them down for their nap I find myself having to back upstairs at least 3-4 times to get them to go to sleep. They just lay in their beds and talk to themselves and play. The girls already sleep in different rooms and they are not aloud to have toys in the beds. I mean they could lay there and twiddle their fingers for 2 hours instead of just closing their sleepy eyes and taking a nap. By the time nap time is over, when Nicolas wakes up, I am so exhausted from going up and down the steps so much and pleading with my kids to go to sleep that I feel like I actually need a nap!!! Any advice would be great. I do discipline them for this but I choose not to put that over the Internet for anybody to see. I am talking about if anybody has any Good "Tricks" Any help...PLEASE!!!

Yours Truly

Sleepless in Akron



Rebekah might be too old for a nap. She is 5 or 6, right? She might not need one anymore. Could you put her in her room with books or books on tape? Or have her watch an educational video? I am not talking Cinderella or some other movie, but an educational type movie, where she is learning something.

Savannah is an active one. If she is anything like Seth, she may not ever take a nap. Sometimes they just outgrow the naps.

Is the room dark? JM would never take a nap unless I made the room as dark as possible. I had to buy those shades that you pull down and get curtains that don't let light in. Maybe they need that.

What time are they waking up in the morning and what time are you laying them down? I hate to say it but your nap days might be over. You could still have them have quiet time. They can play in their room alone, quietly. Listen to books on tape, or just read books.

Sorry I am not much help.

Amy Fichtner

Thanks for the advice! Maybe my days are almost over. The rooms are dark and they get up at about 7:30-8:00 and I lay them doen at 1:00. They really can't go down any later than that.

Ben and Theresa Q

I actually used to have the same prob with Lucas. I would get all stressed out about him not taking a nap and having to "encourage" him to lay down and go to sleep. Then Ben suggested that maybe he's not sleepy. I wanted to smack him for giving that proposterous piece of advice. And then i realized he was right. So i braced myself for misery and just let him stay up and play until he was obviously sleepy (whiny) and then i knew about what time he really needed the nap. Maybe if it is too late in the afternoon for the nap, you could just let them sleep for 30 mins. or so. Hope it helps. I am just resigning myself to the idea that naptime/mommytime is a fleeting occassion and i should enjoy it while i have it.


2 words...DUCT, Im ONLY JOKING! I hate the words naptime might be over!!! But, i guess it's possible. could this world get any worse??????? a world without nap? no peace, no quiet, no gettting to watch what you want on tv??

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