Friday, September 5, 2008

Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Well Carri and I went to Loretta's last night and baked Rebekah and Savannah's birthday cake. It turned out great!!! The process just amazes me. I actually got to help this time. I colored Tinkerbells dress, shoes, and wings and few other little details. I does take awhile but it sure looks better than the store cakes. We got the cake in the oven at 6:45pm and it was completely finished at about 11:30pm. I can't wait for the birthday party tomorrow, we have tinkerbell everything!!!



I hope you put the cake up where Nicolas couldn't reach it. Remember your birthday cake? You might not have one! ;-)

Amy Fichtner

It is in the fridge with the door locked!!!

Dear Abbi

Great job on the cake! So cute!!

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