Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nicolas Strikes Again..............

Only this time with a dry erase marker. Arhhhhh!!! I am going to re name my blog to "The Mishaps of Nicolas" Check in daily!!!!



I love the "Mishaps of Nicolas". But you shouldn't rename this one, you should just make a NEW one for it!!!


ditto, I agree..and if it's always this funny!! imagine the popularity!! What a funny kid!


He could be famous and make you rich! He is always crying. He is so busted and he knows it but keeps going back for more. Kids... no, that is the boy in him!

Dear Abbi

I know that these weren't fun moments at the time, but I think they are hysterical! And priceless. Too cute! Now that it's over and cleaned up and mommy has had her coffee. :)


Oh my...Look at that face!!! :P

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