Monday, September 22, 2008

Make-Up Woes

Well as I was homeschooling Rebekah I noticed that I had not seen or heard Nicolas for awhile so I went to check on him and sure enough he was in my $18.00 Clinique Mascara!!!! Some of you would never pay $18.00 for mascara.......well I did and now I am mad!!! Before I cleaned him up I had to take a picture to show Jim later on. I just want to give him a little insight on MY day. Notice his hands and his face....Oh, and he was crying before I even said anything to him. I think he already realized the sticky situation he got himself into........


Sammie this kid never ceases to amaze me! Gotta love him!!


It looks like he was trying to eat it. I am sure the taste alone made him cry. Or could it be that I am busted! cry. They learn that part fast but sure doesn't stop them.

I hope school is going better and you are having a better week than the last few.

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