Friday, January 2, 2009


Well my step-dad came out of his surgery ok. The doctor said he is still very sick but on the road to recovery. There was no more infection or puss and the doctor was able to reconnect his intestines. He still has a long road to recovery but at least he is on his way.

I went to visit him tonight and they are keeping him highly sedated because he is still on the ventilator and stuff. But he is sometimes responsive and can answer yes and no questions.

They are going to start i.v nutrients and vitamins tomorrow and will probably try to wake him up on Monday.

Thanks for all your prayers and I will keep you updated on his condition.


Christian Homekeeper

Glad he came through ok! :)



Thanks for your comment on my blog; I am so sorry to hear about your step father but I'm glad the surgery was successful so far. I will say a prayer for your family. (((Hugs)))


Do they know what caused this to happen? I hope they find the cause so it doesn't happen again. I am sure your mom was terrified.


Stopping by from SITS. I pray your step-dad will continue to improve. What a scary situation.

Amy Fichtner

No they are not sure what caused it. They will look into it. Thanks for your prayers!!!

Dear Abbi

Glad your dad is getting better. Keep us posted!

Amber posted her video on youtube, so I'm sure she wouldn't care if you posted it or linked to me. Either way, she is such an actress, and totally cracks me up!!


How scary! I'm glad he's doing alright.

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