Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Savannah Broke Her Finger

..................Well, really just the tip of it. We went to my sisters last night and all of the kids were playing great until I heard a scream. Savannah had gotten her finger slammed in a door. It did look kind bad but she could move it. I gave her Ib Profin and about 40 min later, she was still crying, so I figured she needed to be seen.

The doctor said it is a small fracture at the tip of her finger and to keep it in the splint for 5 days and have it re-checked. If it is not healing she will have to see a ortho pedic doctor.

So please pray that it just heals on it's own.



If it isn't one thing, it is another, huh? I hope she isn't in any pain.

How is your step-dad? You may have answered already on your other post.

Dear Abbi

Aww, poor Savannah! I've broken two fingers (I'm a klutz). Poor baby. But cute splint! (can't see the first pic)

Amy Fichtner

I'm not sure why you can't see the pic? It's there for me, That's too bad too because you can see her face.


AWWWW,poor girl,that sucks!!! She seems to like her lil splint,at least they gave her a cute one !!! And more than likely since she is little it will heal on its own. With all my prayers... Heather B.

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