Friday, January 2, 2009

Please Pray

For my Step-Dad. I will make a long story short. My mom called 911 Early new years morning for my step-dad. He was violently ill. They too him to the hospital and did emergency surgery on his stomach. They later told us that without this surgery he would have died. His abdomen was filled with puss and infection. His large and small intestines are now dis-connected.

He was then sent to ICU and is on every machine there is including a ventilator. He is having surgery again today around 11-12. The doctor will know more after today's surgery but if everything goes well, he will need to stay in the ICU for 10 days.

Please pray that the surgery goes well and fixes the problem. my mom asked the doctor if he was healthy enough for another surgery and he said, He is not healthy enough not to have the surgery. SO I will be there today.

I will update later on tonight about his condition.

Thanks for your prayers.



man, thats awful..let me know if I can do something...tell your mom, I'm praying for her as well...

Dear Abbi

Oh that's terrible! I will pray right now for your step dad!


Oh man, I will defenitly pray for him!! I am sorry to hear about that. Heather


Keep us updated please. We are praying for him.

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