Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have been soooo busy.............

.........................Doing NOTHING!!!! no i'm just kiddin, but I was just thinking how I haven't been posting that much.

I have been kinda busy with the kids. I started Rebekah in homeschooling again and it's not as hard as it was before. I am still greatly praying and considering putting her in "school" next year.

I have been busy with my diet and exercise

They say dieting is one of the biggest eating disorders there are and i believe it!!! When you are dieting" you obsess over it, at least I do. You count, measure, cut up, use smaller plates. I could on and on. Anyway feel free to check out my weight loss blog and see my ups and downs;)

I was pretty sick for about almost two weeks!! I was dealing with major migraine issues, that went through out my head neck and shoulders. I am finally feeling better.

Oh, an update on Jeff, He is at home now recovering. He still has a pretty hard time getting around. His incision is huge and long. It goes all the way down his stomach. And they did not use stiches or staples to hold it together. Actually I have no idea what is holding it together.

Well anyway, thanks for reading my blog!!!



You're back!!! Yay!!!!!! I was wondering when you'd back back to the blogging world?! I mean, have you noticed Mr. Knopp has a blog now, too?! Also, sorry to hear about all the sicknesses goin' around, I know that can be tough. We're still praying for Jeff as well. :) TTYL.


Jeff is still in my prayers! recovery can be rough! emotionallly and physically! Glad it went well though! I agree about teh dieting, it consumes I realize how much of my time I actually spend eating! lol Sorry to hear about the migranes maybe it's your body changing because of all the weight you are about to lose! ;p Gald you're all doing well!



I am glad homeschooling is going better for you. I am sure the Lord will tell you what you are to do.

Also glad Jeff is home and praying for a quick recovery. Poor guy! I bet he is in a lot of pain!


Watch me shrink?! Too cute.

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