Thursday, January 8, 2009

UpDate On Jeff

Well, there really isn't anything good to report. We were hoping that he would be off the ventilator by now but that's not happening.

They tried Sunday & Monday and he did not respond well to taking it out. Then he got pneumonia & fevers. Yesterday they were giving him blood and they said his respiration's were high.

They never really seem to be to concerned. The nurses are just like, 'This is expected when you are lying in a bed this long with tubes sticking out of you".

I know they can only keep a ventilator in for at the most 3weeks and at 2 weeks is when they start talking about doing something else.

Keep him in your prayers & thanks for your prayers!



I will continue to pray for your step dad!!


Will for sure keep praying! Please keep us posted! Thank You also very much for being a part of My Support Blog! You are such a sweet and awesome friend :)

Christian Homekeeper

I said a prayer for him!


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