Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time for Homeschool :)

I am starting Rebekah in kindergarten on Monday. And yes I know that it is Labor Day but Jim has off and it would be a great day to start because he can help with the other two.

So I wanted to post some pictures of my newly transformed dining room into our school room. She is very excited. She asked if she could start tomorrow:)
Rebekah's subjects are Reading/Phonics, Writing, Numbers, Saftey and Bible. She will have one memory verse a week and she has a chart that I put stickers on when she is finished. She will also say the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, Christian flag and the Bible. I want to treat this as serious as possible. But at the same time, we can have some fun!!


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it looks AWESOME!!!!


I love it!!! It's all so cute, have fun!


You are ready to go! Looks professional and exciting! I love the wall posters, they make great visual aids.

(btw... will you turn off your word verification? I just hate those things, ha ha *smile*)

Amy Fichtner

I did turn it off but then I got 2 spams instantly, so I don't know?


ah man... that's a bummer. guess I'll have to type the extras so you won't get spammed. is that why you deleted the first two posts?

Amy Fichtner



I hope Rebekah keeps the excitement. My only advice would be to remember it is home schooling. You are in control, not the books. Make it fun and she will love it.

I am glad someone is ready to go. We aren't mentally ready yet. :-(


Oh yes! I wanted to tell you about Joshua when he was Rebekah's age. I took them to get their hair cut. The lady asked if he was starting school this year and he said yes. I school home! She looked at him and I said, "We home school". She is like OH! It was just so cute. He was all proud when he said it, like he was big stuff!

Amy Fichtner

That's sweet. I am always nervous to tell people I home school becuase they are either really for it or really against it and arn't afraid to tell me about it.

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