Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Links :)

I have to new links on my side bar. 4 Little Men & Mommy Confessions. These are just a couple of blogs that I happened upon and I found them interesting. Go ahead and have a look, just remember that although I do enjoy reading their blogs, I do not agree with everything they write. But I am sure you will find some laughter out of them.

On a side note, yesterday my side bar moved to under my posts and my page was a mile long. I could not fix it. I tried everything, I even took about an hour an searched the troubleshooting. So I had to delete everything and start over again. That's why I have a new layout. Hopefully I am done changing it for awhile.

One more thing. I am looking for a blog header so if anyone knows of any great FREE websites I would definitely be interested in hearing about them. Talk to you all soon!! Thanks for reading!!



Hi Amy, you inspired me to create a blog header today... check it out on my blog and I'll tell you how I did it if you're real nice to me! ha ha

Amy Fichtner

Thanks, I'm going over now!!

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