Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cedar Point!!

O.k, I will start off by saying I had the time of my life!!!! I had my picture drawn by a character drawer. I will post a pic of it later. I rode about 4 rides. We stood in line for 7 of them. The first one was the Mantis, I waited an hour for it but I couldn't ride it in a skirt so I had to wait, I was a little bummed, it was our first ride. But then I got to ride the Mean Streak, Iron Dragon, Thunder Canyon and the Wicked Twister. I cried after the wicked twister cause it was so scary!!!! I held on to my nephew Dave's arm so tight!!!

my funny story is, is that, I waited almost2 hours to rise the Millennium Force and got on it and then asked to get off!!! I just couldn't do it!! By the time we were there, it was dark and the people who rode it were coming back covered in BUGS!!! Some of them were black with bugs, I mean there face neck and arms were covered. It was more towards the front, so between the bugs and the height of the ride, I chickened out.

I was in A LOT of pain the next day but it was totally worth it, I would do it again in a heart beat!!!



Bugs on the Millennium Force at night... no way! Ha ha! Yes, it is a tasty treat for those who ride at night. I am glad you were able to ride some rides and had a great time. It looked like Jim even got to witness while there. That is great.


bugs, definately a deterant..but that is the COOLEST ride ever


p.s. LUHV, LUHV, LUHV, the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Fichtner

Just Say No.......... To bugs that is LoL


Did Jim and Dave come back covered in bugs? At least they got their protein if they did!

Amy Fichtner

They covered thier faces with thier shirts and rode towards the back so they didn't get it too bead.


People should read this.

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