Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My New Hair

I have decided to post a picture of my semi-new hair cut. I got it done right before Cedar Point. I realized that I don't get to see everyone that reads my blog. I rarely leave the hair shop with a cut I like but I totally fell in love with this one. She did a great job and gave me some great styling tips. She also showed me how to use root lifter. And if you have flat hair like mine, root lifter is a must!!!

Wow, I just noticed the difference of what I look like now verses my picture in my sidebar taken a year ago.........



I was JUST thinking how different your hair styles are between the two pics before I had even read your blog, funny eh?!


You look such much more mature, and don't take this the wrong way, but you look like you live today..not that you looked old fashioned, but it's just such a big looks GREAT!!! OH and I have a title you could name your blog..
"Fun With the Fichtner's"

Amy Fichtner

Thanks, I will think about that


Looks good Amy! I like easy to care for hair. Tuesday I do my big change! I am scared!

Dear Abbi

Totally adorable hair! Love it!

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