Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No More Bottles!!!!

Well, Nicolas is offically off of bottles!! His last one was Sunday before his nap. The downfall was he quit drinking out of sippy cups...any kind I tried!!! So I gave him some tummy ticklers and he loves them. They are great. They come filled with juice already and are totally spill proof!! I got him Toy Story & Bob the Builder. I am finally getting somewhere with him. Now if I could only work with Savannah on potty training.....



AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Apparently my mom hasn't seen this yet since SHE hasn't come running to me telling me the great news! I'm so happy for you, and of course him too!


Miss Amy, give him back the sippy cup. When he gets thirsty, he'll pick it up and use it. (I'm really not seeing the difference between the "tummy ticklers" and a bottle!!! argh... where did I go wrong... I thought I raised you better. Har har har... just kidding!! you are doing a fine job! :-) Please don't take offense by any of my comments, seeing how I've had zero rest today!! it's been a busy first day of school... Plus, Samantha's been sick and whiny today... And, Makayla hasn't had a nap today!!!! oh no!!! yikes!!! please pray for me :-)

Amy Fichtner

No worries Janet, There really is no difference but don't tell Jim!!! It's just a good transition cup. And I can't handle all the whining with just the sippy cups.
But he is going to bed with nothing, so that is a start.


Kudos to you, my friend!!! Have a happy day!


I LOVE these cups too! LOVE them!

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