Friday, August 15, 2008

Cedar Point

Well we are going tomorrow to Cedar Point!!! It is for Jim's company picnic so it's free. They also Gave him a $150.00 visa card for food and parking. And the are already paying for our lunch. I know I will not be able to do much but I am definitely going to rise 1 roller coater. My nephew Dave is going so he can be Jim's ride partner. I am sure I will love the breaks form walkkng by sitting waiting for them to get done with a ride. But I love to people watch so I am sure I will have fun doing that!!! I will write an update about our time we had later!!!


Amy Fichtner

Oh, I forgot to put the day we are going, it's tomorrow, Saturday


Are the kids staying with someone? That is so neat they gave you the visa and stuff. CP is expensive! Have a great time!

Amy Fichtner

Yes, Angie is keeping the girls and Nikki is keeping Nicolas. I am so excited!!!

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