Saturday, November 22, 2008


Argilye is something I thought I would never like. Something only rich preppy people wear.......Until I saw the sweater hanging in sears. I fell in love with it!!! Black, White& Grey Argyle.

So I asked my hubby to buy it for me.......and he did!!! Now, he doesn't usually buy me things spur of the moment like this but today was my lucky day.....I got it!!!!

The sweater was a $50.00 sweater on clearence for $21.00. When I went to pay for it, the cashier said that if I opened an account today I would recive $15.00 off. So of course I did it, I opened the account and paid the balance of the sweater right there........the total being..............$8.44!!!!! I was so excited!

Thank you Jim & Thank You Sears

Oh, and thank you to the no name bank that gave me, a stay-at-home-mom, (that means no job) a thousand dollar credit limit!!!

On a side note, I will never use that card again, hence, I don't have no money ut I do love the sweater:)


NO TURNING BACK-the life of a very blonde Baptist

how on earth do you find do many CUTE clothes?~~~~~~~
LOVE IT!!!!!


What a great bargain! That is great! I never find those deals. I am just not the best shopper I guess.

Christian Homekeeper

Cute! I like it! :)



oh my goodness, I love it too!! And I'm not even really a sweater person. :)

P.S. Great deal!! It makes it that much sweeter.

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