Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cheap Christmas Decorating tips.

I had bought some "after christmas" wrapping paper for about 24 cents a roll. I had purchased, BackYardigans, Barbie, Tinkerbell, Whinnie the Pooh, Spiderman, Dora and probably a couple others I can't remember. Well instead of just wrapping Christmas gifts with it, I wrapped our pictures on our walls!!

My husband is personally embaressed by this but my kids LOVE it!!

They are asking me,"Mom, why are there presents on the walls?"

For me, it's great because it's ceap and the kids love looking at thier favorites characters all month long.

hmmmmm, I can't figure out why my husband wouldn't like seeing Dora or Spiderman on our wals????? (Wink Wink)



LoL. I think it's a cute idea! You only do this for the month of Dec. though, right??? (wink wink)


My sister does this every year except she doesn't use Dora, Spiderman, or Barbie. LOL It looks nice if you put a ribbon and bow on it too.

Amy Fichtner

I usually do put a ribbon and bow but I don't have any this year.

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary

oh i love it :) my mom used to do that when i was little and seeing them on your blog brought back memories!


You brat - U totally copied me!! I have been doing that for years!! You should try some ribbon and bows!!

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