Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Card Picture

Well I tried to get the kids together for a Christmas picture, Snapfish is giving 20 photo cards for 20 cents until Sunday at midnight.

Well it definitely did not work for all three of them together. NICOLAS HATES THE CAMERA!! I know that it is a strong word but in this case I mean it. I didn't get one good shot of him.

I did however have to pick 3 of them, each of them individually and then just give up.......becuase..........Rebekah started throwing up ALL OVER her dress!! Ugghhh!!

Anyway this was the best that I got, so if you are one the unlucky, I mean lucky ones getting a picture, here is a sneak peak....

Oh, and please don't tell me to just try it again a different day..............becuase I refuse...........I give up...........I will never get them all dressed and looking nice for that again!!!! Well not ever but deinitley not within the near future..



The kids look cute! You just have to get a picture of the real them and use that. Boys hate getting dressed up and the picture done. It is just the bad part of boys. LOL Blame Jim for it. Just kidding!

Amy Fichtner

Thanks for the encouragment!!!


The kids look very cute!!!


ge them while their being rotten and put God bless you, and us this Christmas..lol

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