Monday, December 22, 2008

I Am Not A Writer

I LOVE to browse around and read and comment on other peoples blogs. Their are some really talented people out there. Some ladies can put the pen to the paper, or in this case the finger to the keyboard and let there creative side out....................That's NOT me. I am not a writer, actually I have problems making a correct paragraph,when to stop or where to start.

But I do LOVE my blog. This is my was of talking about and recording this crazy life that I have. So on to the blogging.

Rebekah had lice again yesterday!! I know I know this is like her 12 time sine February. We treat her hair and the house EVERY time. I mean all the beds carpets stuffed animals. I even spent $30.00 on a Robi comb. No one else has EVER gotten it, just Rebekah. She has blond hair, maybe that's it? But wait, it's only 2 degrees out side, shouldn't lice be dead or hibernating somewhere?

Anyway, let's pray it's gone for good this time!!

Also I have a root canal coming up on Wednesday, wait that's Christmas Eve, Yes I know but that's there 1st appointment and I NEED it done.

Talk to you all soon!!



A root canal on Christmas Eve... Ouch! That doesn't sound fun at all. I hope it doesn't make Christmas unbearable for you.

Sorry to hear about Rebekah. She must hide an egg to save for later. LOL Just kidding. I hope you get rid of it. Praise the Lord it is only her and not all of you.

Your blog is fine. I am not good either, but it's my thoughts and that is that.


lice AGAIN...oh u poor soul. I couldn't imagine having to deal with it as much as you...I hope everything goes ok Wednesday...what kind of scrooge dentist works on Christmas Eve?? lol!!


I cannot believe Rebekah has lice yet again! When Miss Lisa and I were coming back from caroling and she told me about that... wow... I felt so bad for the dear girl! Will she be there Wed. night???

Amy Fichtner

She will be there. I got it all taken care of. I'm like a pro at this!!


oh I feel for you and your root canal. Especially on Christmas Eve. I hope it goes smoothly and there won't be too much pain.

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