Friday, December 26, 2008

Get Ready For Picture Overload!!!!

Ok, Here are pictures and they are not in any order but I will try to at least let you know whats going on!!
Rebekah & Savannah Christmas Eve at Grandma McCarty's

Rebekah Savannah & Nicolas Christmas Eve

Here's Rebekah's new Barbiethat Grandma got her.

Here are the girls in thier high heels

Here's Nicolas actually looking at the camera and smiling in the car

Here's Rebekah with her new jewlery, top of the line!!!

Here's Snow White, I mean Savannah, She loves to dress up

Nicolas is wearing his Bob The Builder tool belt but since he NEVER poses you can't see it to well.

Here's Jim getting the toys out of the box. I mean C'mon, it's pretty bad when you need to get your tool box to open up the toys!!

Oh, here's Nicolas ready for destruction, oops, I mean construction

This is dark but i'm sure it's Jim opening toys

Here's the kids opening presents. Rebekah yelled evertime, "This is just what I wanted!"

Ncolas LOVED opening his gifts, this really wasthe first year he could

Savannah just copiedeverything Rebekah was saying. It was cute.

Rebekah asked for this ballerina at least 5 times, and she got it!!!



Looks like the kids were all happy and had a great time. Sounds like you had a great Christmas.

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