Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am begining to think...............

I should have made the "I think my kids hate me" post as my coffee chat.....13 comments!!! Thats like a comment record...............well at least for me. LoL

no really I am sitting here thinking about all the support I have in my journey called Life. I have friends family and all my new bloggy friends. I feel so blessed to be able to come on here post my feelings and get some real strength. Now I am not down playing the strength of the Lord at all. All I am saying is, is that, when I am too weak to gather strength, my friends and family lift me up until I am able to get my focus back again.

So Thank You.

And, no I am not discouraged about my one anonymous commenter. I will admit, it got me down at first. I mean they questioned my ability to love my kids, to discipline my kids and to teach my kids. So yes, I was a little down by it. (Btw anonymous blogger, I hope you know me personally to be making such accusations and if you do know me please be a friend and come talk to me. If you have some great wisdom in raising your kids, please, please come tell me. But if your just regular joe who has no clue, please refrain from visiting this blog. )

But then I remembered that God loves me no matter what, my friends and family love me no matter what, so who cares what some anonymous blogger says, right?



Livens life up I guess. At least you have an idea of how to proceed and know you are not the only one that feels like you do.

Just say Julie

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's so fun to find new blogs and get connected with the blogging world. Just remember that it's far easier to type things from the comfort of your own house anonymously than it is to pist your true feelings right there beside your picture. Don't let it discourage you. Glad you found me so I could visit you!

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