Monday, March 23, 2009

My Niece's Wedding

Well my niece is getting married on July 3rd of this year and both of my girls are going to be in the wedding so I was trying to find cute, elegant dresses for a bargain. And I did:) I found a dress shop on E-Bay called MS Unlimited. The prices are crazy for the style of dresses. I got 1 for $10.99 and 1 for $12.99.

I ordered then early so that if they come in and they are ugly or poor poor quality I can send them back and find something else. Here's a couple of pictures of them.

This one was $10.99

And this one was $12.99



oh yeah, those are super cute. I hope it works for you

Ben and Theresa Q

AWWWW!! Those are too cute! I bet it's so much more fun shopping for little girls' wedding outfits than little boys' wedding outfits. We had to get a suit for Lucas last year and it was, "We need a suit for a toddler." No bows, frills or lace. Boohoo.


Those are great prices for such cute dresses!!!

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