Friday, March 20, 2009

Hellloooo Bloggy World!!!!!!

Hello everyone, It's me!!!!!...... Oh, Cmon you remember me don't you? The overworked underpaid housewife from Akron? No really, I'm just kiddin.

But I have missed you all soo much. I am becoming a bad blogger. But thats all going to change now. I have a little post AND some pictures for you.

You see I got to go the mall today with no kids and pick out some special little items.

Ok, First one, My new FAB-U-LOUS Apostrophe Bag. It is so bright and so big, I love it!!!

2nd is my new wallet, chic and brown, goes with any of my bags:)

And 3rd, I FINALLY got some earrings!!! I wasn't even sure if my ears were still pierced so I actually went to get them pierced and the lady said, there are still holes there!! yay, because like seriously I was shaking I was so scared!!! I haven't wore earrings for years, Yay!!!


Dear Abbi

Cute stuff! Glad that you didn't have to have them repierced...and that you got to do a little solo shopping. :)


Aim dogg (DEE-oh-double-GEE)why is your cheeks so red?

Sprinkle me =0)

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