Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's March But We Are FINALLY Outside!!!!

I took A LOT of pictures today because I was soooo happy we were out side. It wasn't all that warm, like in the 40's but with coats and hats, it worked!!

Also, all of these pics are with my camera phone so not the best quality but who cares right, We were finally outside!!!!

Heres our long lost swing set, the kids love swinging high!!!

Every single time he went up he said Weeeee!! It was sooo cute

Here's Rebekah's creation

Who says you can't vacum out side?

Savannah loved throwing and chasing the ball around

Even Nicolas got in on the sidewalk chalk

Shopping carts and ride-on's

Me, Still sick as a dog but kinda enjoying the sun

Rebekah and her Barbie bike that she got for her birthday

Savannah and her Princess bike that she got for her birthday

I REALLY need to get him his own bike


Ben and Theresa Q

I totally know how you feel about finally being outside. It has been cold or rainy until FINALLY today it was 50's and partly sunny!!!! Yeah, we were outside, too.

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