Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time For A Chat...............

............................With you guys!!! :)

Well I went to my neurologists today for my long awaited appointment for my chronic migraines. I found out that my iron and folic acid are low so that causes me to very tired and then that triggers the headaches. So he wants me to take some over the counter serum to boost that and a folic acid pill. Oh yea, and cut out caffeine. Ha, like that will ever happen. tell a girl who is chronically tired to cut caffeine and someone may just get hurt;) Don't worry I was honest with him and I said that I would follow his little devious plan, minus cutting my caffeine:)

On another note he said my potassium was very high. Now that could be a huge problem. It can cause heart irregularities. So I have to get it checked again to make sure it wasn't high just that day and if it's high again, I need to see my primary doctor and find out why. ASAP

He also said that people with high potassium cannot take really any medications, in fear of having a heart attack or stroke, so for future headaches, sick to 2 extra strength Tylenol & 2 Alieves.

So after 2 months of waiting to see him, I am basically still going to have migraines. Yay!! *Very Sarcasticily said*

Anybody have any tips, I am ALL ears!!!



Wish I had some tips. I had no idea that too much potassium can trigger heart irregularities. Very interesting!

Dear Abbi

Wow, you sound a lot like me: migraines, low iron, heart palpitations (wonder if I have high potassium). I wonder if I'm folic acid deficient too. I also get to add heart palpitations, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and blacking out to the lovely mix. :) Although you are being a better woman than I, I'm doing nothing about it. But I should really get on a good iron pill. Maybe throw some folic acid into the mix too. Hhhmmm, interesting post. Thanks for sharing!


quack, quack, quack...doc or duck???

O'Neal (The Woman In Charge Around Here)

I suffered from terrible migraines that would make me go blind in one or both eyes sometimes. I tried everything under the sun and finally found 3 tsp's of children's liquid Motrin knocks it out in 15 minutes flat!


Sorry you have to deal with this, Amy. I can't imagine the pain then to hope the folic acid helps. Keep us posted!

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